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£10m school too small

Dodgy LibDems Toxic School

Within one year of the new £10m school opening, they were talking about re-opening the old school. Why did the corrupt LibDems claim I was vexatious for mentioning year after year that the new school was deliberately being built too small?

Despite the huge cost of this one primary school - circa £10m, the LibDems knew all along it was being built too small. So, why go ahead and build it then?  And why ban me as vexatious for pointing this out?  Dodgy LibDems. This information was passed to Andrew Stunell both as my local MP and as junior DCLG meeting.  He saw nothing wrong with the dodginess of his political cohorts.

The minutes above show the school was always going to be too small. They talk about using temporary classrooms until the birthrate falls, but they were fully aware at that time that the birthrate in that area was rising sharply. Why spend £10m on a school which was not going to be big enough with no room on the site for expansion?  I suspect corruption.

The dodgy councillors and senior council officers who have banned me for many years from asking questions on this subject (and as of May 2014 are still banning me) are the ones responsible for this offence under the Fraud Act 2006.

Please see above - How much of this goes before the Board?

"Quietly inform Chris Wollard.."

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