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"Ragbag" local paper

Dodgy LibDems General

Subject: RE: to SHACDate: Friday, March 16, 2007 00:52From: Cllr Dave Goddard <>To: XXXX, Cllr Mark Weldon <>, Cllr Maggie clay <>, Cllr Kevin Hogg <>, Cllr Stuart Corris <>, Cllr John Smith <>, Cllr Christine Corris <>, Cllr Ben Alexander <>Cc: Leader <>, Craig Ainsworth <>, Andrew Stunell

Dear Mr. XXXX,                     

Wrong again on all three points, 1, Brian Millard is our leader, the leader of a 4* exellent council, and once again you are seduced by gossip in our rag bag local paper. 2, in my view there have not been 2 outright refusels of residants parking, and three,following the call up, the all party scrtutiny committee will decide if your so called points hold water, and if the scheme is credable.I do hope you will abide by the democratic decision of your elected represertitives in the end.
                                        Cllr. Dave Goddard.

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