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Cheshire East Council - Shenanigans


Tatton Park is owned by the National Trust
Tatton Park is operated by Cheshire East Council
The developers of the Bewilderwood Project are the Blofeld Family Trust
The opposition group is STAG - Save Tatton Action Group

Still no reason given the the operators (Blofeld) not being able to borrow for their plans - why should council taxpayers carry the risk?

Furthermore, STAG are concerned that another FOI request has been refused by Cheshire East Council and is now with the Information Commissioner. The disregard for public interest and the law seem to be in the culture of the generals at Cheshire East Council (see Lyme Green affair).

Question, -  Is Cheshire East Council bankrolling a proportion of the application and at the same time sitting in judgement on the application as the relevant planning authority. Conflict surely.  June 26th was the deadline for comment etc.  

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