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Underbank Building Collapse

Dodgy LibDems General

From the 28 Days Later Website....

"The name Tin Brook given from the circumstance of the workshops and places of business of tinmen being on the stream or near it wherein they threw there refuse"

The Tin Brook is a culverted stream which runs under Stockport, along it's journey passing underneath Frederic Robinsons Brewery, the shops at Underbank before discharging through an outlet near Adlington Square into the River Mersey

I went for a quick poke about here with Paulpowers last week, but after a quick few snaps we decided to bail as there was some serious demo work with heavy plant right above us just the otherside of Robinsons, the brickwork was literally shaking and debris falling through the numerous man-made punctures

It's worth noting that the culvert dates back to the 1800's, with the brickwork being built ontop of some now rather crumbly sandstone, still it's stood the test of time...JUST!

There is one section that has been re-inforced with concrete, the rest, well it's in some serious need of an overhaul before it finally collapses

(Some of the 'keystones' have fallen through in places and the brick work has cracked/bent out of shape along the way)

I honestly thought I had seen it all until this place, barely a puddle, clean as a whistle despite the odd smell of fresh from the sewer that runs underneath and offers some of the best brick pr0n I have seen to date,.."

Photos below by Ojay of Urbanexplorers

Lower Hillgate and Underbank shops and homes buildings stand over the culvert. Has the culvert's condition caused the building to  collapse? Are the remainder safe?

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