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Drainage problems

Dodgy LibDems Toxic School

If you look at this drawing  in the middle towards the right hand side you will see the note about the Class 1 interceptor, flashing beacon etc which should be found in the bottom end of the car park.

As one enters the car park near the  row of trees on the left hand side and about 100 yards down in the corner there should  be the green control box with the flashing beacon.   But, it would appear not to be there.

A couple of other interesting points on the drainage system are:-

1. MH 014 -  the drawing refers to football pitch underground drainage. Firstly, there is NO football pitch, so I wonder did the underwater storage tank go in?   What was the purpose of this storage tank -  was it for the toilet flushing?

Once the facts become apparent, they will be posted up here.

The correct procedure for As Built drawings.

As Built drawings  are required by UK regulations i.e., the construction design management (CDM 07).

What usually happens on such a project is either of two things. The design team will reprint all the drawing with any amendments on, or the construction team will markup the drawing with a red line highlight pen, hence the term RED LINE DRAWING or AS BUILT.
This is a proposed drawing and not  the as built or red line drawing.

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