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Norfolk Property Services

Arms' Length NPS

Proposed:    Sean Brogan
Seconded:    David Smith (Chair)

This NPC Devon Regional Council meeting notes with concern the closure of facilities for the elderly by Devon County Council which offer support to users, carers and partners.  This special NPC Devon Regional Council meeting further notes that Devon County Council is in 'consultation' concerning the closure of many rural Libraries, the total closure of Youth Services and support for women.

Concern is expressed that many of these facilities once closed will be sold off by a partnership of Devon County Council and Norfolk Property Services.  This NPC Devon Regional Council is totally opposed to the closure of the facilities for the elderly, the closure of Libraries and Youth Service and the possible sell off of such services.


This NPC Devon Regional Council calls on Devon County Council to conduct a 'corporate governance' review into the ethical and good conduct of those who serve as directors of the partnership between Devon County Council and Norfolk Property Services and to publish the findings before any further council property is sold.

Will Mumford, the Devon councillor in charge of overseeing major cuts to youth services in Devon resigned in March this year.  He was responsible for education and children's services, and has recently been the figurehead behind plans to slash the youth services budget by almost £1m, threatening the future of its 34 youth centres.  He has been appointed managing director of NPS South West.

Sean Brogan put in an FOI request to the council about the financial arrangements between DCC and NPS but was told it was commercially sensitive.  He is requesting a review on the basis that if the councillor involved in the closures has changed sides, any commercial information must be known to both parties.

Since the AGM, I've been looking into NPS and I've also put in a couple of FOI requests to DCC:


David Smith
NPC Devon

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