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Exeter Hospital Dangers


From: alan dransfield <>
Date: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 7:00 AM
Cc: Adminappeals <>, Information Tribunal <>, Richard Bailey <>, BRADSHAW Ben <lt>

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
Barrack Road
Attn of the CEO of the Devon NHS Trust Fund
Attn Mrs Angela Peddler OBE
Dear Madam
I wish to draw your attention to life-threatening dangers at the Exeter RDE. Yesterday, I received eleven Lightning Protection Test Results (LPTR) from Eleven (11) of your RDE Buildings in Exeter, which have been kindly provided to me by your FOI department. Firstly, these are NOT Lightning Risk Assessment (LRA), which, I had requested under the FOIA,, they are Lightning Protection System Test Results.
Secondly, these 11 LPTR confirms my allegations that the RDE Hopital Builldings have been operating in a Legal Void for a number of years owing to the NH Trust Failure to provision the Buildings with Minimum Lightning Protection System (LPS).
I cannot over-emphasize the importance of proper Lightning Protection System and these Test Sheets confirm to me that the Exeter RDE NH Trust have failed their duty of care for several years on this subject matter.
At this juncture and for a number of years Patients and Staff Safety has been compromised by these LPS failures.I have not attached the LPS Test results as to reduce the file size but they are available at your FOI Department.There is also the danger threat to Public Funded assets,i.e. Building and Equipment
I call upon the CEO to call for an immediate inquiry into the LPS failures.
May I suggest I call into your office and discuss this matter with your Engineers and Senior Management. There will be no charge for my time or advice.
With thanks
Yours sincerely
Alan M Dransfield
NB Judge Whikely Upper Tribunal
Confirmation that Lightning Protection failures are not isolated to Devon Schools.
NB Ben Bradshaw
I shall be writing to the Minister of Health regarding this disgraceful chain events which has allowed the RDE Hospital Buildings to Operate in a Legal Void for XXXXXXX amount of Years.I call upon my MP to write to the Minister of Health asap to ensure public safety at the RDE

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