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Punished, even though innocent

Dodgy LibDems Mr Parnell RIP

Mr Parnell was punished (right up to his early death at 58) even though he was innocent, even though the council employees were found to have committed perjury in court.  I raised the matter of his being punished after being acquitted but no-one listened.

And all this vile abuse of Mr Parnell instigated by the bent Stockport LibDems.

Below is the Stockport Council CCTV footage of the non-assault.  Everyone knew no assault had taken place - Police, CPS, Magistrates, Senior Council Officers.

Was there some sort of Masonic vengeance squad operating against a man who bravely stood up them?  Who knows.

Below in an email, Stockport Police admit Mr Parnell was a completely innocent man.

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