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Hiding contamination

Dodgy LibDems Toxic School

BS 10175, which the Council and Greater Manchester Geological Unit (part funded by Stockport Council) claim to have complied with, states the contamination investigations should be carried out on a strict grid pattern. This was not done and GMGU admitted that they didn't bother to investigate under the football pitch, which is where the school was going. "You have not complied with BS10175", I objected. "Don't be vexatious", they replied. Weldon, Goddard, Schulz, Sager, Khan, Pantall, Smith, Candler, Khan, Derbyshire, Bodsworth et al.

Though BS10175, which they claim to have complied with, states that contamination investigations should be done on a strict grid pattern, they didn't bother to do any contamination investigations  on the football pitch, which covered most of the site of the proposed school.

You have not done the contamination investigations properly I said.  Don't be vexatious, they replied, and they still do.

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