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Cllr Hilda Gaddu

Cheshire East Council - Shenanigans

"Dear Mr. Abbasi,

Thank you for all your emails which I have read.    My difficulty with them
is that there does not seem to be anywhere a signed agreement re the
purchase.    In English Law, such documents need to be signed, for example,
the fact that I instruct a solicitor to make a Will for myself, does not
constitute a Will.    It has to be signed and witnessed to be lawful;
similarly in such a situation as you find yourself, there needs to be a contract signed by both parties and that is what I have not seen.

As a result, I very much regret I am not able to take this any further.

Best wishes,

Hilda Gaddu"

This is the case she was referring to:

What a surprise.  Councillor Gaddu's response (above)  was talking about a legal system that has nothing to do with UK because we know very well that even a verbal agreement is an agreement, let alone plethora of written documents.

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