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School Places Shambles

Dodgy LibDems General

1,140 primary school places short, so why deliberately build a school too small? They are needed in 2014 - just one year to go. Why didn't the Council know this? Cheadle Hulme, Reddish, Brinnington and Hazel Grove have seen the largest increases in population.

Bradshaw Hall, Broadstone Hall, Cheadle Heath, Hazel Grove and Norris Bank.

Leaving such a large project to the last minute is risky - some children may end up without places.

The Council was too quick to close primary schools in 2006-2007, such as Springwood, Barrack Hill, Peacefield. Stockport Council is inept.

A major consultation is under way, which includes £7.4 million of proposed expansion - costs usually double.  There are to be major building projects at six schools.

£1.1 million expansion at Norris Bank School.

If the problem has been known about for a while, why the last minute chaos?

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